In 2022, GreenWay doubled the number of customers, chargers and the volume of energy supplied


“The year 2022 was a breakthrough year for the GreenWay Group in many areas, and points to growing EV driver uptate and strong investor confidence in both us as a company and the market overall, even in the face of energy price volatility and geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges. I’m proud of the team we have assembled and all that we have accomplished, in terms of network development, strategic partnerships, and serving our B2B and B2C customers, and am looking forward to next year and focusing on leveraging our expertise to build larger and more complex installations to serve more and varied EV drivers of all types.”  
Peter Badik – CEO & Founder, GreenWay 

Locations & Connectors 

At the end of the year, 1,000 charging stations were connected to the network with a combined 2,091 connectors.  This includes the acquisition of the RevNet network in Poland with more than 70 locations. At these and many of our other locations, we upgraded the hardware and are installing more and faster chargers to serve more and varied EV drivers.  

Customers (B2C & B2B) 

The number of customers increased to 52 thousand (8 thousand in Slovakia and 44 thousand in Poland). We serve these customers directly as their mobility service provider and are offering ever improving services and technologies to meet their needs.  Notably, in 2022, our IT team developed a completely new mobile application with varied functionality that simplifies the use of charging services for our customers. The application is very popular with customers. It draws current information from remote online surveillance, which GreenWay operates continuously at all its stations. For our business clients, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the design, delivery, installation and management of charging stations and their subsequent service. 

In 2022, an extremely important strategic partnership with InPost, a leader on the European parcel delivery market, came together. We’ve built as many as 201 EV charging stations in InPost's logistics centers. The vehicles are used by couriers and for deliveries to parcel lockers in the largest cities in Poland.  GreenWay is also the operator of charging infrastructure belonging to leading brands such as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, JTRE, Corwin, Hyundai, BMW, KIA and many others. In Slovakia, GreenWay was a founder of the EES (E-MOBILITY ECOSYSTEM) consortium of companies, which together can ensure a smooth transition of business customers to an electric (EV) fleet.  


This growth in users necessarily meant that more electricity was dispensed to power their electric travels. In 2022 the GreenWay network delivered 8738 MWh to EV batteries – more than double the previous years energy dispensed in both markets.  GreenWay Polska received Poland's first green Certificate Energia 2051 from Polenergia. Last year, the number of ‘green’ stations increased to 145. In Slovakia, GreenWay partners with energy provider Greenlogy, which guarantees 100% electricity from renewable sources, wherever it’s technically possible. Currently this applies to the majority of connectors in operation in Slovakia. 

Enabling Conditions  

The year 2022 was important for GreenWay in terms of creating the conditions for further development. The company raised a funding round of 85 million euros, which is the largest known private investment in the electromobility sector in the Central and Eastern European region and it confirmed the strong development potential of this industry in the region and the strong position of GreenWay on the market. 

The construction of another 2,000 charging points for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks in 22 EU Member States will be co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Expand-E project, which was announced in early Fall 2022. Together with Ionity, GreenWay is co-leader of the consortium that will build this infrastructure throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Significant development in the e-mobility sector is still coming as public policy develops, in particular from Brussels, and GreenWay is very vocal there via its membership in ChargeUp Europe and the Platform for Electromobility. "We are trying to prevent the creation of a two-speed Europe and so that we have fair conditions when supporting infrastructure development," concludes GreenWay CEO Peter Badík . 

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