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For a charging station that you own or plan to buy, it is necessary to ensure supervision over its functionality and reliability. GreenWay is well suited to providing these services, even if the station in question was not purchased from us. We recommend to purchase the stations from us though so that we can guarantee that the station has passed a series of tests and is reliable.

Purchasing a charging station

Charging stations are managed online. We support chargers 24/7 and therefore do not require any special maintenance or specially trained personnel on the owners side. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, as needed. The software operating the station is done online.

For charging stations that are intended for community and the public (Select variant and Business variant), the station owner or manager has his own online access to information about everything that is currently happening with the station, such as how it is used by drivers, how much energy is dispensed and information needed to allocate costs between parties involved. Information about the operation is used for cost allocation, invoicing and payment, and generating consumption statements for individual charging cards. Under the Select of Business variants, we will take care of this administration.


  • Perfect choice for home charging or small businesses
  • Charging in private mode
  • Online traffic management 24/7 and connection to the online GreenWay platform
  • Information on the number of charges, the amount of energy consumed and details of all charges
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Online charger software update


  • An interesting choice of support for companies providing charging for a selected group of drivers (employees, tenants, leasing partners) registered in the GreenWay network
  • Online management 24/7 and connection to the GreenWay platform
  • Own access to station management
  • Possibility of invoicing and extensive reporting, with detailed data on charging
  • Generating profit from charging services


  • An interesting option for companies providing public charging services
  • Operation of a public charging station
  • Profit from the provided charging
  • Charging station shown on the station map in the GreenWay mobile application and with all roaming partners
  • Charging available to all GreenWay clients as well as GreenWay roaming partner clients
  • Online traffic management 24/7 and connection to the online GreenWay platform
  • Own access to station management
  • Possibility of invoicing and extensive reporting, with detailed data on charging



Drivers start charging with the charging card or the GreenWay application. The GreenWay 24/7 customer line addresses client questions via telephone, chat or e-mail.

At public charging stations, drivers can use a one-time activation method, so called ad-hoc charging. Stations are ready for national roaming and international roaming. Roaming partner clients are your other potential clients. International drivers from 26 countries and using up to 20 different operators will be directed to your charging station. Clients of the GreenWay network (with Energy Plus or Energy Max subscriptions) can “Roam Like at Home” – charge at the GreenWay prices at charging stations of our roaming partners. 24/7 GreenWay customer support is available to international drivers too.


Do not hesitate and write to us. One of our customer support agents will be happy to help you choose the right solution for you. You won't give anything for more information!


With the GreenWay charging card you can travel all over Slovakia and Poland. We constantly maintain the availability of our stations. You can find the current status directly on the map.

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70 000+

Number of Clients in GreenWay Network

2 500+

Number of chargers in the GreenWay network


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