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Purchasing a charging station

Charging at home and at work are the most affordable and convenient ways to charge your car because your vehicle is recharging while not in use and is recharged when you are ready to go. Having a smart, home charger can also unlock other benefits like load balancing, recharging when electricity prices are the lowest, and integration of local renewable energy sources, ie rooftop solar.

When choosing a charging station for your home, you should consider the right balance of desired functions, ease of use, and price.

The charging stations in the GreenWay offer have undergone thorough tests, which guarantee their quality.

Enelion 1 socket wallbox

The station is equipped with an OLED display, which allows you to monitor the charging process directly on the device.

It is available in two colors: silver and graphite black. Tempered glass on the front of the device guarantees increased protection against scratches. The advanced LED lighting system signals the status of the charger, which allows the user to recognize whether charging is started or stopped.

Enelion Stilo

The Enelion Stilo charging station is safe and easy to use, so you can start every day with a charged battery.

Advanced technology of the station's enables RFID card authorization, and thanks to the integrated charging cable with a Type 2 plug, you can charge all models of electric cars on the European market. The stand is available in two colors - silver and graphite black. LED lighting indicates the charging process. The built-in charging cable holder ensures comfort during use.

Etrel INCH Pro

The Etrel INCH Pro charging station will become one of the most intelligent devices you use every day. He can remember and anticipate the habits of charging an electric car and charge the vehicle when you need it at the lowest possible cost.

Easy integration with a local energy source (eg solar panels) offers ecological and fast charging. In conjunction with the Load Guard, the charger adjusts the charging power to the current network load to avoid overloading. The rugged design with acrylic glass display and cast aluminum body ensures durability and long life. Color touch screen with menus in several languages, including Slovak. The magnetic cable holder simplifies handling and keeps the charging point clean and tidy.

Enelion 1 socket wallbox
Enelion Stilo
Etrel INCH Pro


GreenWay Care is a package of services that provide operational security and online support for the charging station.

The GreenWay Care Basic variant is intended for households or smaller companies, through which they have the opportunity to obtain the benefits of large companies for a fraction of the price - from non-stop monitoring and automatic updates to a continuously available client helpline. GreenWay Care is available in several variants, according to the requirements of the station owner.

GreenWay Care Basic

  • Variant suitable for small businesses and home charging
  • Charging in private mode
  • Online traffic management 24/7 and connection to the online GreenWay platform
  • Information on the number of charges, the amount of energy consumed and details of all charges
  • Basic service with the option to purchase extended service support


Installation of a charging station can affect the existing electrical installation due to the increase in the power taken from the charging station. If the total power consumption of the household / object is exceeded due to the connection of the charging station to the network, the main circuit breaker may be repeatedly “thrown out”.

One of the solutions is to increase the tariff at the point of consumption and the related modification of the existing electrical installation.

Another solution is the use of a power management system that ensures that the tariff limits are not exceeded. The system ensures the distribution of permitted / total power between several stations resp. power control of one charging station. The system dynamically provides power control, either according to the current consumption or the setpoint, while criteria such as the amount of energy consumed or the charging time can be taken into account.

The correct dimensioning of the electrical installation to the charging station should be assessed by an expert or an electrician with the appropriate expertise before purchasing a charging station, so that the power of the station can be used without restricting other equipment.

The installed charging station does not have to be purchased from GreenWay. The possibility of installation and inclusion in the GreenWay network will be checked in advance.


Do not hesitate and write to us. One of our customer support agents will be happy to help you choose the right solution for you. You won't give anything for more information!


With the GreenWay charging card you can travel all over Slovakia and Poland. We constantly maintain the availability of our stations. You can find the current status directly on the map.

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