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Dear GreenWay clients,

we would like to inform you about an update to our General Terms and Conditions, which will take effect from May 13, 2024.

These changes will not affect the services you receive from GreenWay, the way you use them, or the prices you pay, just the frequency of invoicing.

From May 13, 2024, the frequency of invoice issuance will change from monthly to daily.  For example, all charges from May 15, 2024, will be totaled and billed on one invoice, which will be issued on May 16, 2024, rather than one a single invoice at the end of the month.

The change occurs in the billing frequency and the associated issuance of the tax document, and should also provide you a better overview of your utilization. The payment itself will continue to occur automatically.

This change only affects paid charging sessions, excluding charging drawn from the free kWh package, which you can obtain by switching to the Energia Plus or Energia Max programs. The fee for the monthly program will continue to be billed separately at the beginning of the monthly period, as i tis now.

An overview of invoices is available in your Client Zone, in the Invoices section.

Thank you for being with us and for using GreenWay

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does daily billing mean?

Daily billing means that all your charges from one day are totaled, and the invoice is issued to you the next day.

2. How will this specifically occur?

For example, if you perform four charging sessions on May 15, the next morning on May 16, you will receive an invoice for all the charging from the previous day.

3. When will I receive the invoice for the monthly program (Energy Plus/Energy Max)?

The invoice for the monthly program is issued at the beginning of the new period. If you activate the monthly program for the first time, the program will be active immediately and the invoice will also be issued right away.

4. Will I need to pay the invoice manually?

No, the invoice will automatically be charged to the payment card linked to your account.

5. What is the due date for the invoice?

The invoice is due on the day it is issued. We recommend ensuring sufficient funds are available on your payment card.

6. How should I pay the invoices?

Invoices are automatically charged to the payment card linked to your account. Please ensure sufficient funds are available on the card.

7. Is it possible to send invoices to an address other than the login address?

Yes, if you wish to send invoices to a different email address (e.g., financial department), please contact us at [email protected] and we will set up the dispatch according to your requirements.

8. Where can I find a summary of all invoices?

You can find a summary of invoices in the Client Area, in the left menu under the section "Invoices".

9. Where can I find an overview of my charging sessions?

You can find an overview of your charging sessions in the Client Area, in the section "Charging". Here, you can filter charging sessions by time period, specific connector, and other criteria, and export the data in formats such as .xlsx, .xls, .csv, etc.

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