Extra scoop of summer energy!


This year, we are again offering the opportunity to take advantage of monthly plans during the summer under exceptionally favorable conditions. To celebrate the 2024 Electric Vehicle Salon, we are announcing a fantastic promotion for both our current and new clients. During the holiday months, our prepaid monthly plans, Energia Plus and Energia Max, will include fifty percent more free energy! 

This promotion is available to all customers and is an ideal way to experience GreenWay's top-notch services, even if the driver usually prefers another charging service provider or typically charges their car at home. 

With the Energia Plus plan, electric vehicle drivers will have 45 kWh of free energy for charging their EVs in the GreenWay network in July and August, instead of the usual 30 kWh. The Energia Max monthly plan will be even more advantageous during the summer, as it will include up to 150 free kWh. Both new and existing customers must activate the benefits of this summer promotion using the coupon code "LETO2024" in the Client Zone. They can fully benefit from this offer if they do so anytime between May 23rd and the end of the school year. 

If you do not manage to activate the monthly plan or coupon before the promotion starts, you can still do so during July/August. You will still receive a proportional amount of free kWh until the end of the month. 

The advantage of GreenWay's monthly plans is not just the included free kWh for charging your car in the GreenWay network. The price per kWh after using the free energy is much more favorable than one-time charging. Another benefit is that GreenWay customers can change their monthly plans according to their current needs without penalties, meaning there is no commitment required when using a specific plan. 


Redeem the LETO2024 coupon in the Client zone by the end of the school year and take full advantage of the promotion! 

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