E-mobility as an opportunity in the world of real estate & construction


The number of electric vehicles on our roads is continuously growing and is expected to grow even more in the near future. It is only a matter of time, when electric vehicles will represent a significant part of our fleets. With the widespread of electric cars will the need for both public and private charging points grow as well. We in GreenWay Infrastructure are working hard to ensure that when that happens, the lack of charging infrastructure will not be an obstacle in their massive deployment.

Recently we attended Construction Conference 2019 organized by InForm Slovakia. The conference was about new trends in real estate, architecture and building management. The main topics were technological innovations, sustainability, smart cities and buildings – all „our“ topics that we deal with every day. We came to share our skills and expertise in this area, talk about the importance of preparation for the upcoming trends and stress the need to electrify new buildings in the planning phase already.

During our talk called Emobility as an opportunity we talked about our history and introduced our products, services and solutions that we are offering to representatives of this industry. We tried to stress the importance of the planning phase and to show that a clear view of the near future today can help save future costs for adapting the building later. Already in the first steps of project planning it is necessary to include the charging infrastructure, plan the electric wiring as well as the reserved electric power.

We see several arguments for developers to include charging infrastructure in their projects. It will help them attract modern, innovative and ecologically thinking customers, prepare for the upcoming trends and represent themselves as socially responsible and innovative companies. We are convinced that as today we cannot imagine a building without the possibility of internet connection, in the future it will be equally unimaginable to rent a building without the possibility to charge an electric car. GreenWay is offering a complex solution and we can help our clients from this field every step of the way – from the first analysis, planning and advising, through installation, to the operation and propagation of the charger..

At the end of the presentation we ran a small survey among the participants. The result confirmed the statistics that only a few people in Slovakia have a real experience with an electric car. However, our presentation drew huge attention, started a passionate discussion and showed that the interest in electric mobility in Slovakia is rising and that makes us very happy. It would be a pity if the real estate companies didn’t take this trend in mind when planning their projects and had to deal with the future costs and problems with adapting to it later.

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