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At GreenWay we have a vision of Slovakia full of electric vehicles. Because we are a team of enthusiasts, we catch every opportunity to make our services better. Like last week…

During the weekend we got a call on our 24/7 hotline. A client called because he was having an issue to start charging in Aupark Žilina on a DBT station with his new plug-in hybrid. Even when our operator tried everything possible, he could not start the charging of the car on the charger.  Fortunately, the driver was not far from another charging station at TESCO Žilina – this one an Efacec charger – and the recharging was smooth and successful and the client was on his way.

During the week we exchanged a few email with the client to diagnose the problem. When we mentioned to him that we would need to borrow a plug in hybrid to test the charging ourselves, he offered that we can use his car!

The following week we met in Bratislava at the most “problematic” DBT station in Bratislava at Polus City Center. We thought that if it worked there, it should work everywhere. The test consisted of simulating a charging error so that we could see what the station is doing in reality, what does the software of the station do and what data is the station sending to our back end system. In this way, we could identify if the error comes from the station or the vehicle, from the hardware or the software, or from the station or our back end system.

The test itself was successful and unsuccessful at the same time. Unsuccessful in that even when we tried to not follow the steps of how to start the charging session, and do it all out of order, it still charged properly and we could not force a malfunction of the station.

What we did learn is that Slovakia is a small country with big EV fans, who are happy to help advance the cause of electric mobility in Slovakia, even on their own time and with their own resources.

A very big “Thank you!” to the client who was so helpful to us and wanted to take a part in the test. As always, we continue to work on making our services better and our charging experience smoother.

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