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Over 240 devices of charging infrastructure for electric cars, pilot market research, reduction of CO2 emissions and promotion of ecological transport are the key effects of two projects implemented in 2016-2020 by GreenWay with the use of EU funds. The “NCE-FastEvNet” and “NCE-AdvancedEvNet” actions carried out in Poland and Slovakia, financed under the “Connecting Europe Facility” program, meant that these countries are no longer an electromobility desert on the map of the Old Continent.

The projects implemented by GreenWay Polska (Poland) and GreenWay Infrastructure (Slovakia) were aimed at creating a fully operational and integrated charging network in these countries. Additionally, the aim of the projects was to install the stations in areas where there was a shortage and to strengthen the infrastructure in places where there was a high demand for charging services. All this is aimed at popularizing electric cars, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the air quality, especially in cities.

In carrying out the tasks, GreenWay implemented new technologies reducing the charging time of electric vehicles, such as energy storage integrated with charging stations, and installed charging stations with a power of up to 350 kW, which are currently waiting for tests and commissioning.

– The project has opened up the possibility of building a high-power charging network, which is the future of the industry. We will complete this task in the first quarter of 2021. We have also created a network of energy storage facilities at GreenWay stations, which allow us to provide high power without limitations resulting from the connection capacity. Apart from creating a new charging infrastructure, we have gathered invaluable practical experience in this field, which I would describe as pioneering. But most importantly, each of these activities contributed to the significant development of electromobility in Poland and Slovakia – emphasizes Peter Badik, CEO of GreenWay Infrastructure.

These projects are a breakthrough for the development of electromobility. The expected effect of popularizing electric drive in passenger cars is, above all, cleaner air in city centers and – thanks to the development of renewable energy sources – reduction of fossil fuel consumption.

– The real beneficiaries of the programs are the inhabitants of Poland and Slovakia, and indirectly of the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe, because more and more often we meet drivers from other countries who use our network while traveling abroad. The projects meant significant support for us in the development of charging infrastructure both on main roads and in cities, such as in Katowice, where, thanks to our actions, the local government will be able to achieve the goals of ensuring an appropriate number of charging points resulting from the Act on electromobility. Equally important, the project also allowed for the further development of IT systems and internal procedures to improve the functioning of our network and improve the quality of customer service. I am proud to say that in the last two years we have made a very big step forward – notes Rafał Czyżewski, president of GreenWay Polska.

The following activities were implemented:

NCE-AdvancedEvNet project (03/2017 – 12/2020)

  • 60 multi-standard fast-charging stations in Poland
  • 50 AC 7-22 kW chargers in Poland and 20 in Slovakia at multimodal transport points (some devices are still being installed)
  • 10 charging hubs with a stationary battery (energy storage) in Poland
  • 10 ultra-fast charging stations up to 350kW in Poland and 3 in Slovakia
  • Study of the effect of high-power infrastructure on the electric grid and network implementation and massive rollout plan, with pilot implementation

NCE-FastEvNet project (03/2016 – 03/2019)

  • 75 multi-standard fast-charging stations in Poland and 10 in Slovakia along the TEN-T corridors
  • 3 existing fast-charging stations in Slovakia with GridBoosters (energy storage)
  • Market research and analysis aimed at developing customer-tailored services and network implementation plan, with pilot implementation

Both projects are part of activities that run simultaneously throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to 9 different pilot deployments, with the participation of other European companies and institutions, an extensive electric vehicle charging network was created connecting Scandinavia and Italy. It covers Poland, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia with fast and ultra-fast charging stations.

The summary of the activities was the on-line conference organized on November 24, 2020: ” Scaling Up EV Charging Infrastructure Throughout Europe – Lessons from the Field”.

The event was attended, among others, by representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, local government, and key European companies and institutions involved in the development of charging infrastructure. In the panel on The Role of Public Authorities in Scaling Up European EV Charging Infrastructure for electric vehicles, the speakers were Marek Popiołek from the Ministry of Climate and Environment, Adriana Kamińska-Flak from the Katowice City Hall, and Arne Richters, Communication Director of Allego B.V. On the other hand, Lyubov Artemenko, co-founder and managing director of Go To-U, Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director of ChargePoint and Bjørn Utgård participated in the panel ” Workplace & Community Charging: Key Segments & Business Models for Scaling up EV Charging Infrastructure around Europe”, vice president of EVBox. In the third part of the event dedicated to Financing the scaling up of EV charging infrastructure, the speakers were Antongiulio Marin, from the Mobility and Transport Unit for Transport Investments at the European Commission, Frank Verbeek, Managing Partner of Drake Star Partners, and Francois Gaudet, Director of Influence Finance Operations at the European Bank Investment Fund (EIB).

At present, there is approximately 8,200 the number of electric cars (BEV) in Poland and about 2,100 in Slovakia. GreenWay Polska has 7,740 registered users, and GreenWay Infrastructure 2,600. Drivers charging vehicles at GreenWay stations have already traveled over 11.5 million kilometers, thanks to which CO2 emissions are lower by 1509 tons.

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