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Rental of a charger

Flexibility and a monthly fee instead of investing in the purchase of a charging station opens opportunities for smaller companies, expanding existing infrastructure, reaching to new clients or supporting your core business. Rent a charging station for as little as EUR 39 per month via GreenWay 360.

GreenWay 360 service package

GreenWay 360 organizational equipment, construction and installation on a dedicated site, operation and online administration, 24/7 monitoring, insurance and maintenance as well as customer service.

The location of stations in the company or operation will not burden you or your staff. All you have to do is keep a pleasant and clean charging point for your new clients. After the end of the contract period, you can buy on favourable terms to purchase ownership.

Benefits GreenWay 360

  • One price for all services – charging station, charging services, installation, warranty and insurance for the entire contract period, maintenance, service, operation and management of the station.
  • No additional costs – no extra payment at the beginning or end of the contract period – only one fixed monthly payment.
  • Contract period 3 to 6 years.
  • Price from 39 EUR per month.
  • Profit of charging services – when providing charging services to the public, we will refund the cost of electricity consumed and part of the profit.
  • Professional customer support – 24/7 support for EV drivers, payment services, technical hotline included in the price.
  • Promotion on the map of charging stations and in GreenWay communication – the public station is part of the GreenWay network,  the largest network in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and is promoted among electric vehicle drivers.
  • Possibility to buy the station or replace the equipment with a new one after the end of the contract period.
  • For charging stations that are intended for public and community charging (only for a group of drivers) charging, the station manager has his own online access to information of a current status of the station, such as utilization by drivers, how much energy has been consumed, as well as information necessary for the allocation of costs between all parties entering into a business relationship with the station. Information about the operation is used for the needs of cost allocation, invoicing and payment selection, consumption statement for individual charging cards.

EV Drivers Support

Drivers start charging with the charging card or the GreenWay application. The GreenWay 24/7 customer line solves clients’ questions via telephone, chat or e-mail.

At public charging stations, drivers can use a one-time, so called ad-hoc charging. Stations are ready for national roaming and international roaming. Roaming partner clients are your other potential clients.

International drivers from 26 countries and using up to 20 different operators will be directed to your charging station. Clients of GreenWay network can use a “Roam Like at Home” service – charge at the GreenWay prices within roaming partners’ networks (with Energy Plus and Energy Max subscription).  The GreenWay non-stop customer support is available to international drivers too.