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Chargers for companies and business solutios

Safety, reliability, the use of modern technologies and comfort in use are extremely important. GreenWay cooperates with renowned manufacturers of charging stations and selects the best from their offer. Each device undergoes a series of tests directly in GreenWay till the station is included in the GreenWay network. Cooperation with several suppliers allows the selection of equipment that suits the client in terms of functionality as well as design.


We offer each client only devices that we use ourselves.


The charging station in the company or operation communicates the attitude of an attentive employer as well as a sensitive approach to the environment. From the station owner’s point of view, the operating costs and electricity consumed with a properly scaled solution can effectively use the energy capacity that is available.

Slow charging AC chargers

Slow charging is attractive when we offer charging to drivers who spend more than an hour in a company or operation. They can be employees but also visitors to the establishment, for example: a restaurant, a shopping center, an accommodation facility or a recreational area. With the right settings of energy management, it is possible to optimize energy consumption so that the need for energy remains without the risk of outage.
Energy management is essential, especially at several stations. The software controls not only the use of energy in the network but also access rights to charging.

Slow charging for Homes Home chargers

Charging at home is an ideal addition to charging at work. With smart chargers, it is possible to offer the device, including charging as a benefit, or simply allocate costs for leasing partners. When taking charging stations to the company, we can provide you with chargers for home use under very advantageous conditions.

Fast and Ultrafast Chargers DC Chargers

Quick chargers provide charging for the electric car in 30 – 45 minutes. Clients will use the time for a break, quick shopping or they will use other services you offer. If your business offers services to a large number of clients, a charging station can become an important factor in deciding to visit. By including a station in the GreenWay network, the station will be visible on the map of charging stations. We will be happy to take care of the promotion of your station during marketing activities.