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Reliable charging solution for companies and public stations

The charging station is not only an investment in the company’s image and brand strengthening, but it can also bring you a profit. The growing trend in the sale of electric cars has shifted this intention to reality today. It is in the interest of the owner that the station can comfortably serve the maximum number of drivers and meet business expectations by setting the right business plan.

Why GreenWay? GreenWay

The journey from the intention to have a charging station to the first charge is clear when you know the way well. GreenWay will help you make every important decision of choosing a device, setting up relationships among entities entering into a new business relationship related to the provision of charging services to supporting drivers.

The experience of the network operator, the operator of its own charging stations and third-party stations and the innovator, helps to solve specific technical and business requirements of clients.

Purchase of a charging station Charger

The charging stations that are included in the network have passed a range of tests directly in GreenWay. Cooperation with various equipment manufacturers brings the opportunity to choose the optimal solution for you at the optimal price.


Choose your charging station

Or do you prefer to rental? GreenWay 360

Many places look like as created for charging electric cars, but the owner needs to distribute the investment over a longer period of time. Rental of a station will make it possible to cut entry costs as well as open up the possibility to buy a station on favorable terms into ownership in the future.


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Providing a charging services GreenWay Care

Providing charging services involves several parties enter into a business relationship with their specific requirements: owner, operator, energy supplier, energy distributor, and conductors. The commissioning of the station requires a technological solution that will satisfy the expectations of each of them.

If you already own a charging station, by securing operation via the GreenWay network, you will get a fixed place on the map of stations, billing and cost invoicing,  full control of charging services you offer, and other useful information.


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Charging station Installation

Do you have a charging station and need to install it in your company or facility? The expertise of the technicians and the experience in building the charging network will certainly be handy.


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