GreenWay turns ten!


Company celebrates 10 years being an independent leader in e-mobility with campaign thanking customers, partners, and employees

Bratislava, September 23rd, 2021, GreenWay is launching a campaign to celebrate its 10th anniversary as an independent, e-mobility leader. Set to launch at the end of EU Mobility Week, the campaign recognizes and thanks the customers and employees who made this anniversary possible.

  • On the 10th of each month for the rest of the year – Oct 10, Nov 10, and Dec 10 – GreenWay will offer charging at its stations for free for all EV drivers in Slovakia. The more people who choose to drive electric the better for our planet, and this promotion will be available for all of them.
  • GreenWay customers will receive a voucher for a day of charging for free for each year that they have been a GreenWay customer. Customers who join GreenWay during the campaign will receive the voucher for 1 day.

Throughout the next 3 months GreenWay will highlight and feature the customers, partners, and team members who have helped make the company grow from a small start-up to what it is today – an independent European e-mobility leader, with customers and partners at the core of its 400+ station charging network.

“We have come very far over the last 10 years, from our first race around the ring in an EV with Mate Rimac when e-mobility till today, where e-mobility is entering the mainstream.” said Peter Badik, co-founder and managing partner of GreenWay. We could not have done it without our loyal customers, the Slovak EV driving community, and the great team we have built here at GreenWay, and so this anniversary is a thank you to them. E-mobility is a rapidly growing and dynamic industry, and I am looking forward to the next 10 exciting years!”

GreenWay Story
GreenWay was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Peter Badik & Juraj Ulehla with the same mission it has today – to eliminate the use of fossil fuels via the development of e-mobility. The early start-up experimented with a few different business models before settling on charging infrastructure. In 2015, it launched the first fast charging stations in Slovakia, in partnership with Nissan. GreenWay led the development of the market in Slovakia alongside the first wave of EV drivers in the country, many of whom remain customers. GreenWay kept investing and the business grew: the launch of commercial service and backend software in 2016, the first charging station in Poland in 2017, establishment of a Polish company and rapid development of the Polish network beginning in 2018. For these reasons GREENWAY was the first company in the region to receive the “InnovFin” award from the EU Commission & European Investment Bank, which included co-financing to help the business scale.

Technology & Innovation Leader
GreenWay stands for cutting edge, reliable technologies. In 2018 it deployed the first 3 (of now 28) fast charging stations coupled with stationary energy storage devices (batteries). And in 2018 it deployed solar panels on the roof near a charging station at Dalitrans, near Trencin, Slovakia, to provide locally generated renewable energy for its charging stations there. This development builds on GreenWay‘s commitment to provide certified renewable energy at its charging stations.

Customers at the core
The experience of its nearly 2,000 customers in Slovakia are the top priority for GreenWay and every innovation or new deployment has that at its heart. From the complete update of its fast chargers in 2019 with newer technology to the launch of its mobile application later that year, to the customer hotline and regular incorporation of customer feedback into its processes, there is nothing more important to GreenWay than the satisfaction of its customers.

Making the Environment Healthier
Over these 10 years, GreenWay customers have consumed 7 277 MW of electricity, offsetting 5 912 tons of CO2. GreenWay further contributes to cleaning the grid via the purchase of 137 614 kWh certified renewable energy.

From start-up to a full-service e-mobility company
Today GreenWay offers a complete range of recharging services for EV drivers, chargers and services for location hosts, and comprehensive, tailored solutions for complex business clients. It is very active at the European level as a member of the Board of ChargeUp Europe, the industry association for the EV charging infrastructure business.

In 10 years, while maintaining independence in the face of industry consolidation, GreenWay has grown from a Slovak start-up into a regional leader and European player, while always, always keeping its customers at its core.

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