Everything you need to charge electric cars

We are building infrastructure for electric vehicles so that together we can make our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live, less dependent on fossil fuels.

Everything you need to charge electric cars

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At AmRest Sp. z o. o. we operate with respect for the natural environment. We always look for solutions to help reduce our environmental impact. We decided to establish cooperation with GreenWay Polska company, which also prioritizes the good of the environment in its activities, and which provided the infrastructure for charging electric cars in the parking lots of our facilities. GreenWay showed great professionalism and knowledge in the implementation of the project. We are satisfied with the course of the cooperation, and we are glad that we can contribute together towards a cleaner tomorrow.
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Łukasz Grabowski, Project Manager
Łukasz Grabowski, Project Manager
AmRest Sp. z o.o.

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Registration in the GreenWay network allows you to travel freely around Poland, Slovakia, and the rest of Europe using the GreenWay card, mobile application, or Client Zone, available on the website greenwaypolska.pl.Want to know if the station you're heading to is available? We are constantly updating the chargers' statuses, which you can find on the map of our charging stations in the application or on our website. By clicking on the pin of a given location and getting into the details of it, you will find out what is the exact address and location of the station, what it looks like, and what is nearby.

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