GreenWay Infrastructure s.r.o., Šustekova 49, 851 04 Bratislava

Investors Section

GreenWay is the leading charging network for electric vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

We have a bold vision about electric vehicles and believe that charging stations for electric vehicles will outnumber gas stations in the medium- to long-term. With our leading position, GreenWay is set to continue leading these exciting developments in this region.

Building a customer centric business and striving for excellent user experience and value, we are making this region ready for the coming surge in clean, electric driving.

If you are a retail chain, hotel, office park or other business, we offer you opportunity to invest in EV charging infrastructure in a better way. Grow your own charging revenue, promote to customers of the largest charging network directly and enjoy a faster ROI.

By investing in GreenWay, you can join us in building infrastructure for the future and preparing Central Europe for unprecedented EV growth in the upcoming years.


growing graph in # of registered EVs in CEE 2018 to 2025. Animated by the same artist that prepared the rest of the webpage.