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Thanks to a network of roaming partners, GreenWay clients can use almost 14,000 charging stations in 18 countries, mainly in Europe. You can find the availability of roaming stations in the GreenWay application at any time.

National Roaming Slovakia

National Roaming in Slovakia – ‘Roam Like At Home‘

Travel free of restrictions both internationally and at home in Slovakia. Now, with your GreenWay card, you can charge seamlessly at both of the largest charging networks in Slovakia – GreenWay and ZSE Drive.

All GreenWay clients now have the option of charging their vehicle on the ZSE Drive network. Those who have activated the monthly program Energia Plus or Max charge for the same price at ZSE chargers as they do in the GreenWay network . Clients with the Energia Standard program should check the price at each station in the mobile application.

You can start charging via the mobile application or your GreenWay card *.

Tip: In the mobile application, you can find ZSE stations by displaying roaming stations via the “Filter” function.

* in rare cases, the partner station may not communicate with the GreenWay application. In this case, use a charging card to start. Need another card? You can order a new RFID card by contacting our client center or sending a contact form.

International Roaming World

Traveling in an electric car across Europe has never been easier!

GreenWay network enables seamless travel through Poland, Slovakia, and the rest of Europe. Thanks to our extensive network of roaming partners, you can travel across Europe using one customer card received after registering in our network, and the bill for charging both at our GreenWay stations and at the stations of our roaming partners, you will receive in a monthly bill.

NOTE: Charging prices at the stations of our roaming partners may differ.

Before using a given charging station, we recommend that you check the operator’s price list by selecting a specific station and connector in our application.

To avoid additional costs and complications, choose one of our monthly Energia Plus or Energia Max programs and pay abroad as much for charging as you do in Slovakia! You can change your monthly plan after logging in to our mobile application or the Client Zone in the My Account section. The new plan will apply the next day from the date of the plan change. Please note, that charging at our roaming partner stations can only be started with the received GreenWay charging card.

Your Charging Card Servis

Do you need a new/additional RFID card?

You can order a new RFID card by contacting our customer service or sending a contact form on the website in the Contact Us tab.

In case you lose your card, you must immediately report it to us in order to block the card.

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