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Home Chargers

Charging at home and at work is comfortable and economical. The owner of the electric car uses the time when the car is not in use and is ready to drive when needed.
When choosing a charging station to be used in everyday use, the optimal ratio of useful functions, comfortable use and price is important.

Home Charger Chrger

Wall box or free-standing charging station with an output of up to 22 kW.

For everyday use

  • The robust design with acrylic glass display and cast aluminum body guarantees durability and long life.
  • Color touch screen with menus in several languages, including Slovak.
  • The magnetic cable holder simplifies handling and keeps the charging point clean and tidy.


Intelligent charging with maximum efficiency.

  • The Etrel INCH Pro charging station will become one of the most intelligent devices you use every day. He can remember and anticipate the habits of charging an electric car and charge the vehicle when you need it at the lowest possible cost.
  • A station that adapts to your environment.
  • Easy integration with a local energy source (eg solar panels), offers ecological source of energy.
  • In conjunction with the Load Guard, the charger adjusts the charging power to the current network load to avoid overload.

Installation of a charger Installation

Before the actual installation of the station, it is necessary to consider the possibilities of the existing electrical installation of the building as well as the expectations that the owner of the station has for the equipment.

Installing the charging station by GreenWay