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1) Rate for kWh applies to volume of electric energy consumed in the course of a recharging session, which is measured by and transmitted from the recharging point. This information is provided to you in the Apps and attached to your invoice. Due to state of technological development, the volume may be different from value measured in your vehicle because of the point’s own consumption, losses in the recharging infrastructure (current conversion for DC charging), parameters of vehicle or other technical reasons. Connection time equals time of continuous connector’s connection to your vehicle irrespective of time of recharging.

2) “AC” refers to recharging point (such as connector) capable of recharging by alternating current power.

3) “DC” refers to recharging point (such as connector) using direct current. Our DC recharging points may have a different nominal maximum output, for information on the maximum output of the recharging point please see information in our Apps. The maximum output value of the recharging point is relevant for determination of applicable rate for kWh and free connection time. This is irrespective of the fact that real output of your recharging may be lower due to your car’s technical specification, multiple vehicle power distribution management of the charger or for other technology-related reasons.

4) Monthly fee is a fixed fee which applies to a calendar month of service provision.

5) „Free units“ represent amount of services in kWh, which you can make use of and is free of charge every calendar month, under your selected benefit pricing program. Free units are only applicable for charging on the GreenWay network and only in Slovakia. When you activate a benefit price program, you will be awarded with a proportion of free units, determined by the period from the activation date to the end of the calendar month. After exceeding the amount of free units, and for charging outside the GreenWay network in Slovakia, unit pricing according to this pricelist will be applied. Unused free units are not able to be transferred to the next calendar month.

6) Rate for minutes applies to time, by which the client’s connection time during a single session exceeds the payment-free connection time. It applies to each started minute. This fee is not applicable for AC recharging services between 20:00 and 8:00 in the morning next day when using own GreenWay’s recharging points.

7) The price may vary among the recharging points and is presented after log in to the Apps with recharging points pricing information, which are currently Driver Zone and mobile Apps. Rates published in these Apps shall be applied under the same conditions as stated in this pricelist. Exceptions will be specifically mentioned in the Apps.

8) “Roam like at home” means that recharging service at roaming partners are priced in accordance with the price program applicable to recharging at GreenWay, according to the selected price program. Prices apply if the client uses recharging services according to Fair Use Policy (see Article 3).

9) RFID device is a RFID card or other means that allow client’s authorization at the charging point and initiation of the recharging session. The first RFID device for each driver is free of charge.


2.1 The amount due for our recharging services shall be calculated as the sum of (i) price component based on rate for kWh specified in this pricelist multiplied by the amount of charged kWh reduced by free units used (in case free units were applicable), and (ii) price component based on rate for minutes specified in this pricelist. In cases where price from your respective benefit price program does not apply to recharging services provided at GreenWay’s partners recharging points or at GreenWay’s roaming partners network, the amount due shall be calculated according to the price (amount and how it is calculated), which you may find after logging in to the Apps. The amount due shall be calculated for each recharging session separately.

2.2 The price for recharging services shall be increased by monthly fee, if applicable under the benefit price program. In case the price program applies to a part of the calendar month only, the monthly fee will be paid in the proportionate amount.

2.3 The calculation of payments and invoicing for our services shall be made as follows: (i) the amount due for registered clients using multiple recharging services is calculated jointly for all recharging sessions carried out in the preceding month (with exception of the case under point (iii)) and includes the monthly fee (if applicable) for the current calendar month; an invoice for these services is issued within 15 days after the end of the calendar month; (ii) the first monthly fee (or its proportionate amount) is due on date when you select a benefit price program; an invoice for this payment is issued on the same day; (iii) the amount due for one-time recharging services or the recharging service used by a registered client under the simplified registration, which is not completed within 24 hours, is due after each recharging session; an invoice for such a service is issued within a maximum of 7 days after the service is provided; (iv) the amount due for other services and products is accrued when they are provided or shipped; an invoice for this is issued within a maximum of 7 days; (v) the amount due for roaming recharging services can be calculated and invoiced separately after receiving data from our roaming partner; the amount is due on date of issue of invoice. In all cases, the invoice issue date is also the invoice payment due date.

2.4 Payments for our services are automatically collected from the payment card registered by you in our Apps at the time when the relevant fee is due or – if such payment cannot be made at the moment – at a later date, when the balance of funds on the card allows us to collect the requested amount.

2.5 We will request authorization of your card in following amount: (i) amount of 1 EUR in case of initial authorization for registered client with standard price program, (ii) amount equal to the first monthly fee (or its proportion) in case of initial authorization for registered client with benefit price program and (iii) amount of 20 EUR for client using one-time recharging service or the recharging service used under the simplified registration. The amounts may be subject to change, in particular, in case of larger number of unsuccessful payment transactions.


3.1 We expect your intention to use the GreenWay network in Slovakia, not to seek access to our roaming partners’ network or GreenWay network abroad at lower prices than their price lists indicate. Therefore, we apply the principles set out in this Fair Use Policy.

3.2 You may be deemed to be in breach of this policy if, during any two-month time period, (i) the volume of recharging services (in kWh) used by you in the roaming partners’ networks or GreenWay network abroad exceeds the volume of recharging services in our network by at least 50%, or, (ii) the volume of recharging services used by you in the roaming partners’ networks exceeds 1,000 kWh, while you don’t use our network at all or use our services at low amount (50 kWh or less).

3.3 Compliance with the Fair Use Policy will be verified by us on the basis of the total amount of electricity consumed, including any of the drivers you indicate, or the use of any RFID device.

3.4 In case of violating the principles of the Fair Use Policy, we have the right to charge an additional fee of 50% to the settled fees for charging services abroad, which will violate the rules set out in point 3.2.


4.1 You can select a new price program once a month with effect (i) from next day, if there is no monthly fee payable under your current price program, (ii) from 1st day of next calendar month, if there is a monthly fee payable under your current price program, or (iii) in case we change the pricelist in manner, which has impact on your current price program, from date when the pricelist starts to apply.

4.2 Starting to use a benefit price program is conditioned by payment of the first monthly fee (or its proportion) payable under the price program.

4.3 We reserve right to make any changes to terms of this pricelist, including change or termination of the price programs.

4.4 If we change this price list, we will inform you at least 14 days in advance. If you do not agree with the changed terms of the price list, you can terminate the framework contract with immediate effect.

4.5 If the price program you have chosen is withdrawn by us, you will be assigned to the current standard price program, unless you choose a different price program from the current price list.

4.6 In case the change of the pricelist concerns changes of rates or the amount of free units under the benefit price program, your selected price program continues to apply to your recharging after such change; in case you disagree with the changed conditions of the price program but you use our services, we will apply the standard price program, unless you choose a different price program.


5.1 This pricelist is issued on the 17th May, 2021, and shall apply from the 1st June, 2021.

5.2 The pricelist will apply for a client from the earliest date that (i) the new client registers for our services, or (ii) client requests one-time recharging, or (iii) the existing registered client accepts the general terms and conditions issued on 1st March, 2021.

5.3 This pricelist applies automatically to each existing registered client and a client using one-time recharging service.