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January 5th, 2018 by

GreenWay Launches First “GridBooster” EV Fast-Charging System In Central & Eastern Europe

GreenWay just launched the “first ever” electric vehicle fast-charging station in Central and Eastern Europe that is supported by a battery-based energy storage system. The battery-backed EV fast charger was unveiled at Bratislava’s Avion Shopping Mall in Slovakia, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica.

This new installation — referred to as a “GridBooster” — utilizes a battery installation totaling 52 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of capacity to support two 50 kW fast-charging stations. The battery system can reportedly provide up to 60 kW of power at once to the electric vehicle (EV) chargers — with the system as a whole providing up to 100 kW max. The standards compatible at the station are: CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC 22 kW.

The idea is for the energy storage system to supplement electricity being supplied directly by the grid — with charging occurring mostly when electric rates are low. The integration of solar energy systems with the energy storage system is a possibility as well.

As we’ve reported previously, GreenWay intends to soon have the following installed across Slovakia and Poland:

  • 145 fast charging stations
  • 70 AC “slow” charging stations
  • 13 ultra-fast charging stations
  • 20 battery assisted charging systems (this one at Bratislava’s Avion Shopping Mall being the first one)

The email provides more: “The GridBooster will also be able to charge up to 4 vehicles at the same time. Power from the batteries can be distributed among all the vehicles charging at the same time via the Delta efficient energy management software (DEEMS) communicating with the battery and the onboard chargers in each vehicle. DEEMS will monitor energy from the grid and provide a boost with energy from the battery whenever needed or optimal. In this way energy flows and sources can be optimized.

“AVION shopping mall previously had one fast charging station, capable of powering one vehicle at a time. This new technology is first of all an upgrade, allowing up to 4 vehicles to be charged simultaneously, supporting more electric vehicle drivers and more customers. GB can also distribute energy between the vehicles so they charge as rapidly as possible.”

Commenting on the news, GreenWay co-founder & Managing Partner Peter Badik, stated: “This is the first step in our strategy to build an EV charging network which not only delivers electrons to vehicles to move them, but will also allow to use enormous potential of millions of EV to provide their storage capacity and flexibility to energy grid. GridBooster is the new addition to our nationwide networks in Slovakia and Poland where we will test these services. Preparing the charging infrastructure for massive EV rollout is complex and challenging task and I’m happy that GreenWay is leading this effort in Central and Eastern Europe.”

As EV adoption rates continue increasing, and as the quality of offerings continues improving, expect to see more of the same.

It’s worth noting here, before ending the article, that the new installation was partly funded with a grant from the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility.