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You can find a map of roaming partners and their chargers on our website here. For more detailed and real time information on those chargers consult the webpages or mobile apps of the network operator themselves.  You can find the list of our partners here.

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What does "Roam like at home" mean?

“Roam like at home” or “Roam for your home prices” is a new approach to charging within the network of other charging service providers. With monthly programs, you can charge on the chargers of all our roaming partners (local and international ones) for the same prices as in the GreenWay network. Of course, there is a fair use policy and the majority of your charging sessions must be done within the GreenWay network. Otherwise, prices may be adjusted.

What is roaming and how does it work?

Roaming allows you to use the chargers of partner networks abroad with your GreenWay RFID card and without having to register in networks operating in those countries. If you are a registered GW customer, thanks to our roaming partnerships and with our RFID charging card, you can travel widely throughout Europe. See where you can roam. NOTE: You must have your GW RFID card with you to roam – you cannot charge on a partner station via the Driver Zone.

What are the roaming prices and how are they billed?

Roaming prices for all customers are as follows: 50 kW DC charging – 0.65 € / minute 22 kW DC charging – 0.25 € / minute 43 kW AC charging – 0.65 € / minute 11-22 kW AC charging – 0.25 € / minute <11 kW AC charging – 0.08 € / minute Costs of  for using our partners’ roaming services will be included in your monthly invoice.

Can I use roaming services without my charging card?

No. Roaming services can be used only with your GreenWay charging card.