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All our quick charging stations are equipped with two DC connectors (CHAdeMO and CCS2) and one connector for AC charging (Type 2). The ultra-fast charging stations can charge up to 150kW on the CCS2 connector.

Our partners in Slovakia are mostly equipped with Type 2 AC connectors. At partner stations, it is necessary for you to have your own charging cable. Partner stations are shown on the map in the mobile and web application by the “P” icon. Click on the charging station for more detailed information.

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How do I track my charging progress?

The charging time and charged energy information is displayed on the monitor on the charging station. If you start charging from the mobile or web app, you can also monitor the progress of the charging process in the app.

What is the charging power at GreenWay stations?

On most of our stations, the maximum charging power is CHAdeMO and CCS (Combo) up to 50 kW DC charging and up to 42 kW AC charging. GreenWay partner stations usually allow AC charging up to 22 kW.

How long does it take to charge the car on GreenWay chargers?

Typically, recharging up to 80% of the battery capacity of a car such as the Nissan Leaf DC with a power of up to 50 kW takes up to 30 minutes. However, in reality the charging time depends on many factors and it is difficult to clearly determine the time needed to complete it. These factors include, first of all, the selected type of charging (DC or alternating AC), battery capacity, state of charge, ambient temperature and whether another car is charging at the same time.

What determines the maximum charging power at GreenWay stations?

The maximum charging power depends on many factors. These include: power capacity of the electrical lines in that location, the car’s own technical capabilities, battery charge (the higher it is, the lower the charging power), the ambient temperature (in case of negative temperatures the charging power is lower) and number of vehicles being charged simultaneously at that location.

Can I charge my car during rain / snow and during a storm?

Yes, charging is possible even in wet, unfavorable weather conditions. Our chargers are equipped with safety features to protect you in foul weather.  

What should I do if my plug does not match any cable in a GreenWay chargers? Is it possible to buy an adapter?

Yes, you can buy an adapter, but we do not sell them. We strongly encourage you to purchase an official adapter from your OEM or dealer. If you have any questions about compatability call us directly at +421 233 056 236

Can I control the state of charge of my car?

Yes. Information about the charging time and the energy transferred is displayed on the monitor of the charging station so when you would like to stop the charging session you can.  When you charge via the Driver Zone you can do the same thing.

Why does the charging power drop while charging my car?

The charging power decreases as the battery charge increases (ie, as your battery gets fuller, the charging speed slows down, so filling the last 20% takes a lot longer than the first 20%) . When charging more than 80% of the battery capacity, the pace and charging power slows down. The battery management system slows down the charge towards the end to not overload or overheat the battery.

Does the connector disconnect automatically after charging the car?

No, the charger will not disconnect by itself. You have to finish the charging session, unlock the vehicle, and manually remove the connector from your vehicle. Please be aware that some charger and some programs continue to bill you until you remove the connector from your vehicle.

Does the ambient temperature affect the charging speed and power?

Yes, lower temperatures reduce the charging speed & power.