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Not necessarily. The card is bound to a person, not to a vehicle. You can use one card to charge multiple vehicles. If you wish to get a separate card for each vehicle, please follow the instructions here (link).

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What is the RFID card/key ring?

The RFID card (radio frequency identification card) is your individual card used to identify yourself at GreenWay & partner charging stations and to start and stop charging sessions. It is not a payment (credit/debit) card. Each RFID card has a unique number on it so that if you have multiple of them you can distinguish between them. Also, if a card is lost and sent back to us, we will know whose it is.

What should I do if the charger does not identify my card?

You can also use the Driver Zone to start charging. Should you need us, you can always contact our 24/7 technical support by calling +421 233 056 236

How much does the RFID card cost?

When you register with the GreenWay network, the issuance and dispatch of your first RFID card is free of charge to you. We charge 5,-€ to issue another or duplicate card in the event of loss or destruction.

Can I start charging without a card / key ring?

Yes. Charging can also be started using the Driver Zone. To do this log in to the Driver Zone, search for the correct location and after selecting the correct cable, plug it into the vehicle’s connector and start charging by selecting the “Start charging” button.

Can I lend my card to somebody else to use?

It is your card and you are responsible for it. The bill for all chargings sessions under your card will be contained within your invoice.

What can I do if I lost / destroyed my GreenWay card?

Remember to take care of your card, as it costs 5-€ to issue a duplicate. However, if you have lost your card, please contact the Customer Service Office (tel. +421 2 330 56 236) or email us at [email protected]

How do I get additional RFID cards?

If your card is lost or stolen, please report it to us so we can deactivate it. We can mail you a replacement card for 5 €. If you would like a new card for a new user billed to your existing invoice, such as an employee of a company account, you can register another driver under your account, and that user will receive a card. If you would like a new card for a new user on a different invoice, you must create a new user account in the Client Zone.

What should I do if I have not received the card for too long after registration?

Please contact our Customer Service Office (tel. +421 2 330 56 236) or email us ([email protected]). We can send the card again in this situation.

How are RFID cards sent and when will I get it?

We send RFID cards via priority mail within 3 business days of registering. Delivery of the parcel may take a few days, or longer if you live abroad.

If you do not receive the card in a reasonable amount of time please contact our Customer Service Office (tel. +421 2 330 56 236) or email us ([email protected]) and we will resolve the situation together.