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There are several ways to start and stop charging:

  1. You can use your GreenWay rechargeable card / key and follow the instructions on the charger. To stop charging, touch the card / key to the charger panel and select “Stop charging”. You can then disconnect the connector from your car.
  2. You can download our mobile app or use the web application (Driver Zone), log in, search for your location, select the connector, click “Charge” / “Start charging” and then connect the connector to your vehicle. To stop charging, click “Stop charging” in the charging information window. You can then disconnect the connector from your car.
  3. You can use the one-time charging option – just fill in your basic details (name, date of birth, email, password, credit card) and you can start charging via mobile or web application (however, the disadvantage is higher price )

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What is the GreenWay network?

The GreenWay Network is a series of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations throughout Poland and Slovakia. You can join and use the network and receive its many benefits either as an EV driver or by having a charging station on your premises.  

How can I start using GreenWay charging stations?

To use the charging service of the GreenWay network, you must register. We will then send you an RFID card for recharging. Once your registration is approved, even while you wait for your RFID card, you can

Where and how can I find information about GreenWay chargers?

Current information on our chargers and their availability can be found on our website and on the Driver Zone. Please note that the information on the Driver Zone is the most up to date.

What time of day are GreenWay chargers available?

The vast majority of chargers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Precise availability of each charger can be found on the map on the website and in the Driver Zone. When a station is not available it will be marked in yellow in the Driver Zone.

Do I pay to park while charging?

Almost – but not all – of our chargers are located in free, public parking lots. You can find the specific information for each location on the Driver Zone.  

How can I stop charging in an emergency?

In emergency situations, you can stop charging immediately by pushing the red emergency button located under the display screen of each charger. However, remember – use it only in health or life threatening situations! It is not to be used to stop the charging process. Whenever you use Emergency button please notify our Hotline immediately