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So, what is an EV anyway? Why are they good?

Simply put, an electric vehicle is one that is powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Batteries within the vehicles are powered by DC or AC currents and convert that electrical energy into mechanical energy, to power the vehicle. These motors are also capable of working in reverse, to say capture energy from braking and “regenerate” the battery, one of the great benefits of EV.


There are 2 main types of EVs for personal use:


Fully electric vehicles (also called battery electric or plug in electric) use only electricity, generally stored in batteries, to power their propulsion. This means that they also include a plug to charge, just like a computer. These can be charged from a home socket, or specialized EV charging stations, with different power outputs.

Hybrid vehicles have both a combustion engine and an electric motor and use both to power their movement. Traditional hybrids use electric power when driving slowly, but then revert to combustion engine power when the energy needs grow. When maximum power is required, hybrid vehicles will use both drivetrains simultaneously. They receive their external power from the gas pump and charge their onboard battery internally. Plug in hybrids use electric power primarily, and draw upon the combustion engine for added power and range extension. As the name states, they have a plug and socket to connect to an external power source and be charged.

Electric vehicles have many benefits:

  • They derive their energy from electricity, which can be generated from renewable sources.
  • They do not burn fuels to operate, have no tailpipes, and so do not produce any tailpipe emissions, thus greatly benefiting air quality and health of the climate.
  • They have many fewer mechanical parts and so are far more efficient and require much less maintenance than combustion engine vehicles.
  • They are quiet, and so do not contribute to noise pollution.
  • In the future their onboard computer systems and batteries will be essential elements of the new energy system based on renewables, storage, flexibility, and distributed prosumers.

How do I use the Greenway Network?

The GreenWay Network is a series of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations throughout Poland and Slovakia. You can join and use the network and receive its many benefits either as an EV driver or by having a charging station on your premises.


EV Drivers:

  • First – register. If you drive in this region occasionally, we strongly recommend you register for the network, for ease of use and best pricing.
  • A few days after you register you will receive your GreenWay charge card in the mail. It is possible to use the network before you receive your card by starting each charge via your account on the web application
  • You can use your charge card at any GreenWay charging station or any of the thousands of stations offered by our roaming partners around Europe. You must have your charge card to use roaming services – it is not possible for ‘ad hoc’ users or with the web-app.
  • For registered users, each month you will receive an invoice for use of our charging services. Our price list is available here.
  • You can always call us at +421 (0) 911 668 770 if there are any problems or questions.


For charging station hosts:


Whether you are interested in buying a charger and are still researching them, or whether you have had one for years, we can help. By joining the GreenWay network your station will appear on our maps and you can expect many more people to come charger on your station. If you’d like we can provide all of the services (except maintenance of the charger itself) required to run and operate the charger, to make this a profitable experience for you and a positive one for your guests.


Overall, we want to make the Network easy to use and provide each member and user an exemplary e-mobility experience.

What are the prices and how am I billed?

Prices are listed on our website here.


You can view your existing charging sessions on the Client Zone.

If you are a registered customer you will receive a monthly invoice via your account on the customer zone and/or an email.


If you would like to change your billing information you can change it yourself on the Client Zone or by sending us an email at: support@greenway.sk


If you have any problems or concerns related to your billing just write us at support@greenway.sk

I lost or forgot my charge card - how can I charge my EV?

If you have lost your card, please let us know as quickly as possible by emailing us at  support@greenway.sk, or by calling us at 0911668770. We will block your old card and issue you a new one. There’s a 5 EUR fee for a new card.


If you arrive at a charging station and cannot find your card, you can manage your charge remotely from the Driver Zone. You can also call us to run your charging remotely, but this costs an additional 5 EUR, as stated on the price list.


There is some information about PIN code access on the chargers, but this is for maintenance and servicing only.


What is roaming and how does it work?

Roaming allows users from one charging network to use the charging infrastructure of a partner network seamlessly and without complication, and receive the charging costs on their regular invoice. Through our roaming partnerships GreenWay network members can travel on all of our partners networks, and their members can roam throughout the GreenWay network.

Roaming charges and partners are listed here: https://greenway.sk/en/roaming/


Have another question? Send us an email.