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If you would like a charging station on your property, but without requiring your own investment, fill out the form below. If we like your site, all the costs of building the charging station will be on us. You get a lot of benefits without any worries!


Increase the value of your property - without paying!

The charging station (and possible associated electricity upgrades) will become a new physical asset on your property, increasing its value – but you will not incur any expenses. GreenWay will bear 100% of the costs of construction, maintenance and operation of the charging station. This is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss!”


Attract new customers and expand the services you offer

Because the average charging time is 30 minutes, drivers will be happy to frequent your services during this time. Electric car drivers look for charging points that provide them with a pleasant and useful way to spend their time while charging. This is a great opportunity to have EV drivers – premium customers -visit your location.


Increase your company's visibility

When your location hosts a GreenWay charging station, it will be included in our maps, driver applications and marketing materials. Drivers use them very willingly, and they keep their recharging needs and opportunities in mind as they plan their trips and daily activities.”


Strengthen your image as a forward thinking business

Charging points for electric vehicles show that you care about ecology and technological progress, and welcoming others who share those values. This is important for your clients and future employees, who are increasingly taking into account these factors when deciding to how to spend their free time, where to make purchases or where to work. Don’t miss out on these growing segments of the population, and participate in the transition to a cleaner, brighter future.

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