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Want an EV charger?
Leave it to us.

Why Greenway?

Do you already have a charger?

Join our network. Get more customers and leave service, maintenance and payment processing to us.

Join our network

Don’t yet have a charger?

We can help you find the best available charger for you needs – and then connect to our network so it generates you revenue. 

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Station types and functions

1) Get Connected

Select, install & configure your charger 

Whether you have already bought a charger, are still looking, or are curious, we can help you

  • Select the type of charger that meets your needs
  • Order & deliver it
  • Install it at your premises
  • Properly configure it

Join our Network

Connect your charger to the largest network of charging stations in Slovakia and Poland and raise its visibility and usage. It doesn’t matter whether you bought the charger from us or not, you can still join our network.

2) Enjoy all the benefits

Operate your charger

We offer 3 stress-free plans to network members:

  • Charge Basic (no cost)
    • Your charger shows up on our network & roaming maps
    • We provide full support to our registered users
    • But we don’t do service & maintenance on the charger itself
    • We do not invoice users (charging is free)
  • Charge Smart (10 EUR/month/charger)
    1. All the above
    2. Access to our monitoring system so you see energy consumption, utilization, & more.
    3. We issue you monthly reports
    4. We do not invoice users (drivers charge for free)
  • Charge Smart Paid (Revenue share)
    1. All of the above +
    2. We issue invoices to individual drivers for charging sessions
    3. We reimburse you for cost of electricity
    4. We split revenue with you negotiated on a case by case basis

Revenue & invoicing services

Your charger can be a source of income for you if you are able to bill 3rd parties to use it. Our backend monitoring and invoicing system allows you to do so. Drivers can find and use your charger with their GreenWay charge card and then we can issue them an invoice and split the revenue with you. It’s a stress free way to maximize your investment.

Get more customers

Our network of charge points is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, and growing quickly. By being in our network you will be easily found, included on maps, have your profile raised, receive good PR, and ever increasing numbers of paying users.

Relax, enjoy, and earn

Now that your charger is up, running, being advertised and found by people looking, with GreenWay managing the asset, you can sit back, relax, and let your charger work while you relax and enjoy the benefits of your investment.

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