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97% of electric vehicle charging is done by people at home and work. As EVs become increasingly common buildings will need to provide charging options in order to attract tenants. Whether a multifamily apartment building, a commercial office building, or something else, the people who live and work there will expect to be able to charge their vehicle during the workday. It is already required in London, and the EU is considering a law to make it mandatory for new construction buildings to have EV charging spaces. It is far cheaper to install the proper wiring and infrastructure during construction than to retrofit it afterwards. It’s also great PR. Don’t get left behind. We can help. 

Komercní banka is a smart company with a modern, appealing office in Bratislava. They saw the rise of electric mobility in our region and the world and saw its potential. In addition to purchasing their own EV, they also wanted to be prepared for clients, employees and visitors, who might visit their offices with an EV in the future. They made a smart decision to prepare themselves now and contacted us to help them install a charger.

We discussed with them about their needs and use expectations. Then, in September 2016, we installed a Keba wallbox in their garage. This is ideal for charging sessions that last longer than one hour and can charge the battery to 100% in 2 – 6 hours.

What we Offer for apartment & office buildings:

  • Dust and water resistant AC wallboxes for underground garages or installed on metal stands for outdoor use; 
  • Wallboxes with one or two AC connectors (your choice), up to 22 kW
  • Stands with two AC connectors, up to 22 kW
  • All equipped with an RFID reader and a GSM module for connecting to GreenWay’s back-end system
  • Ideal for charging sessions lasting more than 1 hour (battery will be charged to 100% in 2 to 6 hours)

“We installed a GreenWay charging station when we bought an electric vehicle and it has been a great financial and time benefit for the bank and electric vehicle users. To drive an electric vehicle, mainly in the city is very popular within our bank. The cooperation with GreenWay has been very good so far.” Eva Pekaríková Eva Pekaríková, Facility and Security Management, Komercní banka