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As emobility sector matures, GW expands its product portfolio to help other businesses offer charging stations and services to their customers, tenants, and employees.


Bratislava – GreenWay (GW), the market leader in providing electric vehicle charging services in Central & Eastern Europe, today announces a significant expansion of its services and offering to the B2B sector. GW is expanding its portfolio from primarily providing recharging services to EV drivers to now offering a full suite of goods and services for businesses and other locations which would like to have a charging station on-site to support their customers, tenants, employees or their own vehicle fleet.


The new offering includes different types of electric vehicle charging stations recommended by GW, for home, businesses, and other public locations. Capitalizing on its core competence of operating its own network of public electric vehicle charging stations (now numbering 205 and growing) GW is now offering to operate charging stations for other businesses. GW will continue to provide technical support services to EV drivers on its own as well as partners charging stations.


Overall the expanded offering includes almost the full range of charge point operator (CPO) and electric mobility provider (EMP) services, including:


  • Online 24/7 monitoring of partner stations
  • Integration of charging points into the largest charging network in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Sophisticated management allows various modes of operation like free or paid, private, exclusive use, and publicly available
  • The ability of location partners to set their own prices for charging so they can optimize it to their business goals and maximize the benefit from their investment
  • Selling of tested, recommended charging stations used by GreenWay in its own network
  • Targeted support for various customer segments such as HoReCa, new construction projects, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centres, and auto dealers
  • Customized, full spectrum support for businesses, such as EV fleet operators, which require larger, more complex, and tailored solutions
  • Specific program for municipalities


This is all in addition to the continued operation, growth, and improvement of GWs own network of public EV charging stations, consisting of 205 charging stations today, and growing.


“In 2015 we began operation of our first public charging station. Operating this infrastructure and serving EV drivers remains our core competence.” said Peter Badík, co-founder and managing partner of GreenWay, “Back then we were pioneers, and, wonderfully, electric mobility has matured a lot since then. We are entering the world of e-mobility 2.0 and we want to continue leading that change in our region.”


EV recharging is not like refilling a gas tank – it can be done wherever a charging point is connected to electricity or a battery. EV charging can be, is, and will increasingly be – done at destinations where people spend their time, like home, work, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, etc.


“We have developed the skills, experience, and expertise to help other businesses and locations provide EV charging options to their customers.” said Badík. “As experts in this field, we are excited to offer these services to other businesses now and help ensure many more charging options and locations for EV drivers. To address air pollution and the climate crisis we need to electrify road transportation. And, with this sector set to explode over the coming years, EV charging will be a good investment for many businesses too.”

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