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Municipalities confront a wide array of choices when considering the topic of EV charging infrastructure. A great amount of responsibility is put on you, but often adequate resources do not follow.  Where do you even begin? It can seem very complicated – but it does not have to.

Wherever you are in this process, and whether you want to start with a very small number of charging points, or you want to develop a whole plan, we can help. Having worked in this field since 2011, we have a solid understanding of what an optimal infrastructure mix is, how to site locations for charging stations and how to manage the costs. Every case is different but our lengthy and broad experience (we operate the largest network of EV charging stations in Central & Eastern Europe) will help us find the right solution for you.

We believe municipalities have a critical role to play in the development of e-mobility, which is why we prepared the report, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines for Cities. 

Regardless of where you are in the process of considering e-mobility, from the research phase, to the planning phase, to the purchase, deployment, or operational phases, we can help.

Providing EV infrastructure in your municipality will:

  • Help you clean up the air quality in your community by supporting emissions free driving
  • Allow you to develop competence and experience in how EV operates with your other (electricity) systems
  • Attract out of town EV driving tourists
  • Provide a possible new source of revenue
  • Allow you to manage the deployment of charging infrastructure and electricity needs of your municipality
  • Make your location a part of the largest network of EV charging stations in CEE, easily findable by EV drivers
  • Be an investment in the future, as EV numbers will grow considerably in the coming years

Chargers and accessories
Chargers and accessories
Do you think about buying a charging station? Do you want to spice up your property, reach new customers, and expand the services you offer without having to hire new employees? Do you have to comply with the obligations imposed by the importer? Here you will find chargers that will meet your needs. We'll be happy to help you with selection, installation and also operation.
GreenWay 360
GreenWay 360
Do you want to have a high-quality charging station and services without high costs? With GreenWay 360 it is not difficult at all. For a small monthly fee, we will deliver and install a charging station at your location and we will be in charge of maintenance and billing services. You will spread your offer to new premium customers without any big investment.
GreenWay Care
GreenWay Care
Do you have or think about installing an electric vehicle charging station but you don't want to deal with its management and user support? Regardless of whether you want to offer a charging service to everyone or just a selected group of users, you can entrust it to us. The recharging service can be free-of-charge or billed – you decide! We can operate your charger and include your station in the largest charging network in the region!
Complete Solutions
Complete Solutions
Do you want to increase the attractiveness of your company as a workplace? Are you searching for an effective charging solution for your fleet? We offer support in the design and implementation of turnkey charging solutions, followed by its management, as well as cost settlement in order to optimize costs and maximize the quality of the charging experience. See what we can do for you.

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