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EV drivers prefer hotels and restaurants that provide convenient charging possibilities and charge their car during the night, shopping or meal break.  With a charging station at your facility you don’t just attract premium customers and get their recommendations. You gain a competitive advantage – electromobility is eco – it’s a symbol of a healthy and modern lifestyle and thus speaks to many people.

Reservation portals now offer the option of filtering for hotels and restaurants with charging stations for electric vehicles. So, stand out from the crowd and profit from on e-mobility. If you have your own EV charging infrastructure you will:

  • Stand out from the competition and increase the occupancy rate of the object
  • Attract premium customers who stay longer with you, which will have a positive impact on your turnover
  • Position your business to welcome increasing numbers of EV driving customers as their numbers grow
  • Show your commitment to environmental sustainability as part of your brand
  • Make your location a part of the largest network of EV charging stations in Central & Eastern Europe, easily findable by EV drivers
  • Gain an additional source of revenue

Chargers and Accessories
Chargers and Accessories
Do you think about buying your own charging station at your residential building? Do you want to spice up your property, reach new tenants? Here you will find chargers that will fulfill your needs. We'll be happy to help you with selection, installation and also operation.
GreenWay 360
GreenWay 360
Do you want to have a charging station without high costs? With GreenWay 360 it is not difficult at all. For a small monthly fee, we will deliver and install a charging station at your location and we will be in charge of maintenance and billing services
GreenWay Cares
GreenWay Cares
Do you have or think about installing an electric vehicle charging station but you don't want to deal with its management and user support? Regardless of whether you want to offer a charging service to everyone or just a selected group of users, you can entrust it to us. The recharging service can be free-of-charge or billed – you decide! We can operate your charger and include your station in the largest charging network in the region!

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