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When your OEM is ready to go to market with its EVs, they will, as usual, be looking to you –  the dealers – to showcase the vehicles, make them accessible to the public and give many people their first test drive. Your dealership will need EV charging points in order to prepare for these new vehicles and be able to recharge them.


If your OEM doesn’t already have its own electric lines, they are coming soon – just look at the coming wave of EVs from other manufacturers. Bloomberg estimates that annual passenger electric vehicle sales will increase to 10 million in 2025, 28 million in 2030 and to 56 million by 2040 (representing 57% of all passenger car sales). In the coming months and years EVs will be coming from many different producers and their number will be increasing. Audi e-tron, Aston Martin Lagonda, BMW i4, VW ID3, Polestar 2, Honda e, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar I Pace, Kia e-Niro and Kia soul EV, Mercedes EQC, Mini Cooper SE, Peugeot e-208, Nissan IMx, Porsche Taycan, Seat el-Born and Minimo, Skoda citigo, Tesla – the list goes on.


Your auto dealership occupies a critical, and unique place in the vehicle value chain – it is one of the primary places where people come to learn how to recharge them too.

Prepare for this e-revolution today – invest in your charger. Being EV friendly will help the customer to be too, and ultimately hasten the transition to electric.

Having EV charging stations at your dealership will:

  • Show that your business, and your OEM, is EV ready
  • Ensure that your dealership is ready to support and sell the EVs produced by your OEM
  • Provide a place for EV driving customers to charge their vehicle
  • Offer better service to your customers, and allow yourself to sell more EVs
  • Make your location a part of the largest network of EV charging stations in CEE, easily findable by EV drivers
  • Show your commitment to environmental sustainability as part of your brand
  • Take advantage of the best practices in building charging infrastructure available on the market
  • Charge the electric cars you use for demonstration rides or other business purposes

Chargers and accessories
Chargers and accessories
Do you think about buying your own charging station? Do you want to spice up your property, reach new premium customers, and expand the services you offer? Here you will find perfect chargers for your business. We'll be happy to help you with selection, installation and also operation.
GreenWay 360
GreenWay 360
Do you want to have a high-quality charging station and services without large costs or hiring new employees? Then GreenWay 360 is the program for you. For a small monthly fee, we will deliver and install a charging station at your location and we will be in charge of maintenance and billing services. You will spread your core offer to new premium customers without any big investment.
GreenWay Cares
GreenWay Cares
Do you have or think about installing an electric vehicle charging station but you don't want to deal with its management and user support? Regardless of whether you want to offer a charging service to everyone or just a selected group of users, you can entrust it to us. The recharging service can be free-of-charge or billed – you decide! We can operate your charger and include your station in the largest charging network in the region!

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