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Do you own or think about installing an electric vehicle charging station, but you do not want to deal with it? Do you want to offer charging services but don’t have the competences or resources to support end-users? We will handle the charging station for you.

Entrust us with managing your charging station with GreenWay Care. As the operator of the largest charging network in the country we have the appropriate resources and skills to provide the highest quality charging services for your customers. GreenWay Care offers services both for public and private stations, free or payable to end users. If you decide on paid services, you can use our price list or set individual rates for charging services. You will receive revenues from each kWh of energy consumed, and we’ll handle the entire process.  If you decide to offer it free of charge, you cover the costs of energy for charging purposes.

We are able to install, configure and fully support your charging station. Our main goal is to make your electric vehicle charging station a positive and hassle-free addition and a benefit to your business. We can help you whatever your preferences are, so you can focus on your core business, and leave the rest to us.


What will GreenWay do:

  • Preparation of the station to provide charging services – we will provide remote communication, configure and label the station.
  • Remote station management – maintenance of the telecommunications link, control of station operation, software update, monitoring of emerging events and informing you about them, if it will require your intervention.
  • Service station users – at their own expense (unless they are under a single corporate account) we will equip them with RFID cards and access to the mobile application and we will provide them with a 24/7 technical hotline that will facilitate the use of the station.
  • Providing reports on the use of the station.
  • Technical support (helpline and email) for you.
  • We will also provide you with guidelines for the formal operator.

What you will do:

  • Carrying out the required maintenance and inspection.
  • Preparation and maintenance of parking spaces.
  • Conclusion of a contract for the supply and purchase of electricity for the operation of the station and covering the costs of electricity.
For public chargers

For public chargers

You’ve decided that you want your charging station to be public – which can make it available to the greatest number of users and attract the largest number of new customers – and it needs some management and oversight to function at optimum levels. Who will be responsible for station management and user support? How will you inform EV drivers about it? GreenWay can help. We can integrate your location into the largest charging network in Poland and Slovakia and promote it among our entire network of EV drivers, who are premium customers for your business. We will manage the station from the technical side and handle payment processing and even the customer helpline. Choose from one of the 2 simple programs we offer.

For nonpublic chargers

For nonpublic chargers

You’ve decided that your charger should be available to a limited number of users and operate reliably at peak performance for them. We are happy to support you.

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