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Do you want an electric car charging station but don’t want to invest a lot of money up front? GreenWay 360 was designed for you. For a small monthly fee you get a charging station along with its full service, installation and operation.

For a small monthly fee, from 90 EUR per month, you will get the charging station, installation, and operation. You will extend your offer to new, premium customers without major investments.


Charger as a Service:

GreenWay 360 is a package that offers both the rent of a product and its operation, servicing, insurance and maintenance. You don’t pay up front, you don’t need to become an electromobility expert or hire new employees. Your only cost is the monthly installment which includes the station, its full service and provision of charging services along with end-user services. The charger remains GreenWay property and you can buy it after the contract period.


Regardless of whether you have a hotel, shopping mall or other facility, if you want to provide public charging services – GreenWay 360 is an offer for you. You can easily extend your client base by premium EV driving customers in a simple and effortless way.

Why GreenWay 360?

  • Everything at one price - installation, warranty and insurance for the entire contract period, infrastructure maintenance, station service and management, charging service
  • No additional costs - no payment for the start and end of the contract period - only a fixed monthly subscription installment
  • Fixed term contract - a contract for 3 to 6 years; subscription fee starting from 90 EUR per month
  • Opportunity to earn revenue from the charging service - if you choose the option with a charging service payable by end users, then we refund you the cost of electricity used and share the profits
  • Professional support service - 24/7 support for end users, payment service, technical hotline included in the rental price
  • Visibility and marketing - the station is included in the largest network in Poland and the region, promoted among electric car drivers
  • You have the option of preferential purchase or replacement of the device for a new one after the rental period

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