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Does your company want to join the electric mobility revolution by transforming your fleet to the electric one? Now GreenWay will support you along this path. We offer companies and institutions comprehensive solutions in electromobility, as unique as your needs are unique.

Whether your corporate fleet, taxis, delivery vans, or rideshare vehicles, if you have or plan to have an electric fleet you will need the ability to charge your vehicles efficiently and effectively. It is necessary to maintain fleet availability and ensure high-quality of your services.

You need your own, designated charging infrastructure – public or private, you decide – that you can rely on and control.


We’re very experienced working with fleets to provide the charging infrastructure and energy management systems they need to operate their vehicles efficiently, and for maximal value. We can provide charging infrastructure and implement energy management systems necessary to operate your vehicles in an efficient and cost-optimal way. You can trust the solutions we developed. We will plan and implement a way to charge your fleet to satisfy your needs.


We offer support in the design and implementation of turnkey charging infrastructure, its management, cost accounting to optimize expenses and maximize the quality of services rendered. Not only will you take advantage of our experience in the field of infrastructure construction, but you will get rid of responsibility for its current functioning and optimize charging costs.

We offer:

  • Advice and preparation of plans for the deployment of charging infrastructure to serve your EV fleet needs or to start offering recharging services
  • Delivery and installation of charging stations
  • Management and online monitoring of the chargers to ensure the highest possible level of service
  • Call centre support for end-users available 24/7
  • Initiating service activities in the event of a failure
  • Management of access to the charging stations for different types of end-users
  • Settlement of costs related to charging services of company EVs charged in various ways (home installation, public networks, etc.)
  • Payment collection from end-users and cost settlement with infrastructure owners
  • Sharing your station in the GreenWay network
  • Preparation of reports regarding the operation of charging stations and settlements with clients and users.
  • Support in fulfilling obligations resulting from legal provisions defined in the Polish act on electromobility.

Why Greenway?

  • You use the best practices in the construction and management of charging infrastructure
  • You optimize costs and time of charging your EV fleet
  • You got transparent data on the costs associated with the use of your EV fleet
  • You gain the reliable, trustworthy partner to handle the functioning of the charging infrastructure and settlements with users
  • You provide 24/7 technical support for end-users of your stations
  • You reduce the costs of infrastructure operation by using GreenWay solutions
  • You gain access to the largest charging network in Poland and the region

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