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Attract new, premium customers, and EV driving employees, to your business. GreenWay can will take care of everything for you, from assembly to user support.

The charging stations we offer enable you to fully charge the average electric vehicle within a few hours. This is the time drivers will spend in your facility, shopping, eating, or relaxing. You do not need to acquire new skills or employees.

22 kW (AC) PRO charging station

22 kW (AC) PRO charging station

Charging power from 7 to 22 kW, with the possibility of limiting the power. The charger is equipped with a Type 2 socket as standard, with the option of adding a permanently fixed cable. The station can be mounted directly on the wall or on a stand mounted to the foundation. It is possible to mount two stations on one stand and configure both stations to share the available connection power. User authorization with PIN.

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