Roaming - Greenway Slovakia

Rýchlostná cesta R5

Podjavorinskej 28

920 03 Hlohovec

+421 911 285 665

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Open hours: PO-PIA 8:00 - 24:00

Status: available

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These maps do not provide real time information and you cannot start/stop charging using these map. For real time information on charger status, and to start/stop charging, please visit the maps in the driver zone.

  • Roaming Prices (for all countries) 
  • 50 kW DC charging - 0.65 € / minute
  • 22 kW DC charging - 0.25 € / minute
  • 43 kW AC charging - 0.65 € / minute
  • 11-22 kW AC charging - 0.25 € / minute
  • <11 kW AC charging - 0.08 € / minute
  • You can use your GreenWay charge card at any of the stations of our roaming partners. Follow the instructions on the charger and use your GreenWay card to activate/authorize the charge. Charges will appear on your regular GreenWay bill. Unregistered users are not eligible to use roaming.

Roaming Partners Throughout Europe


Partners: Smatrics & The New Motion
Smatrics is the largest electric car charging service provider in Austria, whose network covers all the motorways in the country. Due to the number and density of its stations it is an ideal partner for travel across Austria. The New Motion operates many stations there too.


Partner: The New Motion


Partner: The New Motion


Partners: Smatrics & The New Motion


Partner: Smatrics & The New Motion


Partner: The New Motion

The Netherlands

Partners: The New Motion & Last Mile Solution


Partner: Petrol
Petrol's network starts wherever Smatrics network ends and allows for smooth traveling to the Adriatic Sea. Petrol has a total of 22 stations, which cover the whole Slovenia.


Partner: The New Motion

United Kingdom

Partner: The New Motion


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